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Flying cars and a booming automotive industry

Photo: www.klein-vision.com Bratislava – Smarter, Faster, Better The automotive industry is a driving force for the Slovak economy, accounting for 13% of Slovakia's GDP and manufacturing the highest number of vehicles per capita in the world. The country is an innovation hub with new electric models being produced and numerous manufacturers moving their R&D divisions...
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A Visit To The Volkswagen Factory

5 BRANDS UNDER ONE ROOF The Slovak automotive industry has developed rapidly over the past 25 years. Today it produces over one million cars a year, representing 1.4% of the world production. This is greatly supported by the Volkswagen factory, which we have visited as part of the Bratislava Motor City fam trip in September...
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Events at the Slovakia Ring in 2018

This year’s upcoming events at the Slovakia Ring that motorsport lovers should not miss begin next month and are scheduled throughout the year. This year’s top two events are the OMV MaxxMotion Truck Race of Slovakia, held from 13-15 June and the OMV MaxxMotion Slovak Grand Prix of the Slovak Republic, from 15-19 August. The...
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one of the most characteristic and dominant features in all of Bratislava WAY OUT THERE The bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP Bridge), also known as the New bridge, is one of the most characteristic and dominant features in all of Bratislava. Spanning the Danube River and in a traditional architectural form this 20th...
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Beer Salon in Bratislava

Among the Slovak Beer lovers A few years ago the common belief was that you could get the best feeling of the city by visiting the classic market, today we can say that you can best catch the city’s vibe in the street food market. If we would grade Bratislava by this year's Beer Festival,...
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Watch now: BRATISLAVA – the new motor city!

Slovakia is attracting more and more car manufacturers due to national initiatives, low working and living costs, and its favourable logistical location. The country’s powerful car production represents 44% of its entire industry and Slovakia now has the world’s highest car production per capita. In addition to Kia, Slovakia has also managed to attract Volkswagen,...
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Wolfgang von Kempelen – Bratislava’s Da Vinci

Wolfgang von Kempelen 1743 - 1804 Wolfgang von Kempelen is one of the few people who can stand next to the famous Leonardo Da Vinci. The polyhistor lived in the period from 1734 to 1804 and is the figure in the Slovak history that recalls the spirit of innovation of the Slovak capital, which was...
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Bratislava – A Land Of Innovation

Slovakia manufactures the highest number of vehicles per capita – and by that, it can be claimed that the country, and its capital, Bratislava, is an auto superpower. In recent years, Slovakia has grown to become one of the leading car producers in the world, primarily due to the presence of the many automotive companies...
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BRATISLAVA – The New Motor City!

The KONGRES Magazine team headed to Bratislava, Slovakia, at the beginning of November to inspect the city’s automotive industry. We must admit, we couldn’t hide the surprise on our faces when we learned that Slovakia has been the world’s largest producer of cars per capita (as an example – 1,040,000 cars were produced in the…

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