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Do you know which cars are manufactured in Slovakia?

World’s biggest car producer per capita The automotive industry is one of the key industries and a driving force of the economy in Slovakia. Slovakia is the world’s biggest car producer per capita, as well as the 7th biggest car producer in the EU, and 20th in the world. Almost every year, over 1 million...
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Bratislava Motor City Entering 2021 Optimistically

STRATEGIC POSITION, CREATIVITY AND KNOW-HOW Bratislava Motor City will soon be joined by an enlarged factory from the European automotive giant Volkswagen. The latest addition will further solidify Bratislava as one of the most important European production locations in the automotive industry. At the same time, the new factory at Bratislava Motor City is positive...
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A Visit To The Volkswagen Factory

5 BRANDS UNDER ONE ROOF The Slovak automotive industry has developed rapidly over the past 25 years. Today it produces over one million cars a year, representing 1.4% of the world production. This is greatly supported by the Volkswagen factory, which we have visited as part of the Bratislava Motor City fam trip in September...
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BRATISLAVA – The New Motor City!

The KONGRES Magazine team headed to Bratislava, Slovakia, at the beginning of November to inspect the city’s automotive industry. We must admit, we couldn’t hide the surprise on our faces when we learned that Slovakia has been the world’s largest producer of cars per capita (as an example – 1,040,000 cars were produced in the…

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