Extremely light, fast and truly unique

Slovakia is purposefully promoting the development of start-ups, among which one particularly caught our attention – a boutique automotive start-up under the name Brutal. Its founder, Marian Lušpai, has come up with a super lightweight S1 race car – one that cannot be found at a regular car showroom, of course. Inspiration came from English car manufacturers, especially Ariel Atom, a British road-going sports car.

This peculiar vehicle follows all the build principles that result in maximum driving enjoyment when taking your Brutal to the nearby Slovakia Ring at the weekend. The small two-seater barely measures four metres in length and differs in numerous ways from most of today’s cars. The reasoning behind its dimensions is it to ensure maximum weight saving, as well as likeability among buyers. The car designer Jakub Štarman, who works for Škoda, was responsible for its unique design.

The two-litre Subaru boxer engine, producing 300 horsepower, propels the car from zero to one hundred km/h in under 3.9 seconds. And what is more, there are no modern electronic aids to help, it’s just you and the machine. The product, created by Marian Lušpai and his team, is truly praiseworthy. The steering is extremely direct and the brakes have been borrowed from actual race cars, giving the driver all the stopping power needed.

The owner plans to make six cars a year and the retail price is yet to be announced.

Marian’s vision reflects the spirit of the Slovak capital, bursting with creativity and innovation. The story is similar to Detroit, which is the epicentre of the American automotive industry, just as Bratislava is starting to be for Slovakia. Due to government contributions, low working costs and its favourable logistical position, an ever-increasing number of car manufacturers are tempted to start production in Slovakia. The country has a very strongly developed automotive sector, covering 43% of all the country’s industrial production. There are over 300 different suppliers, an excellent logistical infrastructure and an encouraging automotive industry. Last year, Slovakia celebrated beginning of construction of the new Jaguar Land Rover factory in Nitra. Nitra won the bid in competition with cities from Poland, Hungary and Mexico.

All meeting planners who are working in the automotive sector are warmly invited to qualify for a visit to Bratislava planned to take place between 19- 20 April 2018.