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Do you know which cars are manufactured in Slovakia?

World’s biggest car producer per capita The automotive industry is one of the key industries and a driving force of the economy in Slovakia. Slovakia is the world’s biggest car producer per capita, as well as the 7th biggest car producer in the EU, and 20th in the world. Almost every year, over 1 million...
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The Slovakian automotive industry proved its resilience

One of the most important automotive hubs in Europe Slovakian carmakers produced around 985,000 vehicles last year, the majority of them coming from Slovakia’s automotive oasis - Bratislava Motor City. The result can still be considered great, given the current situation. The country’s powerful car production represents 44% of its entire industry, placing Slovakia on...
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Bratislava’s Most Scenic Roads

A selection of the most scenic driving roads near Bratislava Warm days foretell the end of winter, and for those who enjoy the twists and turns of driving picturesque roads, spring is the time for motoring pleasure. A visit to Bratislava is definitely the most enjoyable when the days get longer and road surfaces are...
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Volkswagen Slovakia Factory

Special congress venue – Volkswagen factory in BratislavaSPACE FOR IDEAS Over the last decade, Slovakia has become an alluring destination for investors, mainly of the foreign automotive kind. With a population of just 5.4 million people, Slovakia now has three car factories (Volkswagen, PSA concern and Kia) and is very soon to have four –...
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Bratislava Smart Meetings

Gorazd Čad, reporting from Bratislava, Slovakia  Overview The image of the Slovak capital is forged by the mighty Danube running through it and a city centre with welcoming streets and attractive bars generating a feeling of youthful urbanism that can be felt everywhere throughout it. The positive atmosphere of Bratislava also draws many congress organisers,...
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Bratislava MEET Busters

What’s your take on Bratislava as a host city for your event? Ever wanted to host a MICE event there, but had some doubts? Well then, read through 10 Bratislava myths you didn’t dare to ask about or didn’t know who to ask. MYTH 1: Bratislava is a surprisingly close destination, with two international airports....
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