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Bratislava City Days

Two days of exploring Bratislava for free Every year the Municipality of Bratislava opens its doors to all Bratislavians and visitors. The city offers free entrance to city museums and attractions, free sightseeing tours, free tours by historical tram and many other interesting programmes and events. The event takes place in 21st - 22nd April 2018. Around...
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Craft Beer Festival in Bratislava

A whole week dedicated to beer in Bratislava For all the beer lovers, a Craft Beer Festival will take place in the Old Market in Bratislava from 18th to 20th April. The festival is already a tradition among the beer enthusiasts – last year 80 small breweries presented around 400 different kinds of beer. Each...
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Bratislava’s Most Scenic Roads

A selection of the most scenic driving roads near Bratislava Warm days foretell the end of winter, and for those who enjoy the twists and turns of driving picturesque roads, spring is the time for motoring pleasure. A visit to Bratislava is definitely the most enjoyable when the days get longer and road surfaces are...
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Brutal – Slovakia’s Boutique Automotive start-up

Extremely light, fast and truly unique Slovakia is purposefully promoting the development of start-ups, among which one particularly caught our attention - a boutique automotive start-up under the name Brutal. Its founder, Marian Lušpai, has come up with a super lightweight S1 race car - one that cannot be found at a regular car showroom,...
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We Bet You Haven’t Heard About The Slovak Flying Car

The Slovak vision of mobility The company Aeromobil, established in Bratislava by Juraj Vaculik and Stefan Klein, is yet further proof that the Slovak automotive industry is evolving and is bursting with innovativeness. The vehicle, which transforms from a four-wheeled car to an almost real sports aeroplane, has been designed as one of the mobility...
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