Bratislava – Smarter, Faster, Better

The automotive industry is a driving force for the Slovak economy, accounting for 13% of Slovakia’s GDP and manufacturing the highest number of vehicles per capita in the world. The country is an innovation hub with new electric models being produced and numerous manufacturers moving their R&D divisions to Slovakia.

A booming automotive industry has transformed the capital city, Bratislava into the perfect environment for avant-garde companies and inventive startups. Two Slovak companies, in particular, have set out to revolutionize mobility – AeroMobil and AirCar are leading the field in the production of flying cars.

Flying cars?
Yes. As outlandish as it might sound, quick progress is being made in the personal aerial transportation space with developers looking to reshape how we commute in the coming decades. It appears that the coronavirus pandemic has played an important part in the development of this niche industry, working in favour of the many wealthy people, who prefer travelling privately.


SME recently talked to Štefan Klein, the visionary behind both the AeroMobil and AirCar, who told the newspaper: »The COVID-19 pandemic is individualising transport. As people want to avoid public transport, they are using cars more often. This puts the concept of flying cars into a different light and opens up new potential for them.«

Proof of concept

Air Car’s maiden flight
People living near the Piestany Airport were witness to a rather peculiar sight at the end of October as they watched a car transform into a plane and take off. The video below shows Air Car, manufactured by KleinVision completing two test flights. Štefan Klein, founder of the company hopes to deliver a finished model with a certified engine within the next 6 next months, following the completion of all required test flights.

A long way to go

There is still a long way to go before we see commercialised cars flying around city skies. From infrastructure and strict testing regimes to noise standards and coordinating air routes, the flying car faces many challenges in the future. Moreover, you need buyers, who are willing to fly and trust in the safety of the manufacturer.

The fact that two Slovak companies are at the forefront of innovation in the field of air mobility is confirmation that Bratislava is home to people with great dreams, high hopes and even greater success stories.

This article was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.