Two days of exploring Bratislava for free

Every year the Municipality of Bratislava opens its doors to all Bratislavians and visitors. The city offers free entrance to city museums and attractions, free sightseeing tours, free tours by historical tram and many other interesting programmes and events. The event takes place in 21st – 22nd April 2018.

Around the end of April, the mayor of the town was traditionally elected in Bratislava, based on a charter of the King Andrew III on granting municipal privileges in the course of a relatively long historical period.

The Bratislava Tourist Board invites you to a series of thematic sightseeing tours given in Slovak as well as English and German. These tours let you learn interesting things about the capital’s history and reveal the best that Bratislava has to offer.

Over the entire weekend you will be able to visit museums and galleries in the City of Bratislava at no charge, enjoy a pleasant day in the Bratislava Zoo with commented animal feeding and educational activities, and ride historic trams and buses.

The Bratislava City Museum celebrates Bratislava City Day by making all its expositions accessible to general public. Bratislava to everyone is a weekend full of associated activities commemorating the day when Pressburg, as Bratislava used to be named in the Medieval Times, was given its city privileges. The Bratislava City Council registers each year more than 150 000 visitors, declaring significance of Bratislava and also a huge interest of Bratislava citizens in knowing the history of their city inside out.