Up&go? Up&bike? Cycling or driving, either way, get ready for up&chill!

In front of the historic building Stará Tržnica, one would find the parked electric Volkswagen e-up! cars ready for “up&go”, to either get down to business or to enjoy and explore the city with your loved ones. The Bratislava-born native car knows the city by its heart! Namely, you can pick one of the six routes from a built-in navigation system and, while driving around the urban car with a fully electric engine, you can get to know the city. For an even more attractive driving experience, the offered routes are thematically focused on architectural attractions, monuments, as well as on the natural beauty of the capital and the surroundings. If you are more into sports and two-wheeled-transportation, do not worry, since “up&bike” awaits for you! Apart from the typical city bike, you can also rent the trendy e-bikes, cargo bikes, and even electric scooters. After a great day of exploring the city with any of the listed transportation, you will be looking forward to some “up&chill” laid-back gathering. The square in front of the Stará tržnica is a welcoming and charming spot where you can read a good book or finish your work. Additionally, numerous cultural events, various activities, and stylish street food await you!

Wondering why this project came to life in Bratislava?

The Volkswagen brand wants to bring the new sustainable forms of mobility to the public and locals while becoming the leader in this field at the same time. It works on many e-mobility concepts and its very first vehicle with a purely electric drive (Volkswagen e-up!) was produced in Bratislava! The car, for its quietness, compactness, and size, is a perfect fit for a small and urban city. Not just that the issues with parking become a history, but also the environment benefits from it. Volkswagen brand, for its factory being located in Bratislava, is a region’s partner that loves being involved in the revitalization of the square which has just recently become the centre of Bratislava’s modern urban life.

And how does it work?

During the summer season (until the end of September), the Info point’s daily opening hours are from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. At Info point one gets all the information regarding the renting of a car or bike. Rental rates for an electric car start from 25 euros for a half-a-day rent, and 14 euros for a half-a-day electric bicycle rent. If you are interested in renting a vehicle or a bicycle, it is necessary to pay a deposit of 300 euros for a car and 150 euros for the electric bicycle. The deposit can be provided by cash or by card (as booking amount on the card).

For more information and rental terms, please visit their official website: www.upcity.sk/en/