Since 44% of the world’s automotive industry is based in Slovakia, it is no wonder that it is part of the country’s DNA. The industry, which Slovaks live and breathe, has become part of their daily lives and entered their homes and hearts. Slovakians truly believe in their city, which is proud of its innovation, execution and accessibility.

One might be already wondering why Slovakia is a five-star destination for hosting an automotive event. The answers are right here, clear to see, take a look below at some of the highlights.


Bratislava’s location is one of its main assets.  It is very easy to reach the city by air, road or rail, or even via the beautiful blue Danube. Bratislava city airport offers numerous connections and operates in conjunction with Vienna airport, which is only about 50km from Bratislava city centre. Because, as they say, location truly matters.


Slovakia and Bratislava offer amazing facilities like no other country. Within a few kilometers, there are numerous unique venues, such as the Slovakia Ring racetrack. Its 5,922m-long track makes the Slovakia Ring one of the longest road tracks in Europe. And, as a bonus, the site features excellent transportation connections and offers the highest annual sun exposure in the country with some of the lowest precipitation totals, enabling the venue to be used almost year-round.

Have you ever heard of the X-Bionic sphere sports complex? It represents a unique, multifunctional complex which combines a whole universe of sports, leisure, and innovation. The complex boasts one of the world’s finest sport training facilities offering professional conditions for 27 Olympic sports disciplines, including one of the most modern riding center and a hotel and congress center. It covers a total area of more than 1,000,000 m2. The complex has been designed to offer a top-notch venue for various meetings and a perfect location for car launches.

Are you thinking about having water as a background to your car’s launch? Another great destination for a car launch is Danubiana, a museum of modern and contemporary art close to Bratislava located on a peninsula surrounded by nature and the Danube River. It is also a place where three countries meet: Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary, giving it a very romantic ambiance where the connection between nature and art is strong. While the interior is jaw-dropping, the exterior is also full of beautiful artworks offering a magnificent view of the Danube River.

The above are just two of the major highlights of Bratislava and Slovakia’s amazing venues but do not even come close to what the country and the city have to offer. Bratislava awaits with excellent facilities, great stories, and top-notch experiences.  Be sure to be a part of the future and head to Bratislava for your next automotive event!